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WordPress has millions and millions of users around the world. It powers over 28.9% of all websites on the internet. That’s a huge market share.

WordPress does an amazing job of keeping its core files updated to protect against major vulnerabilities, but hackers always work to exploit holes in the system. And with such a global footprint, WordPress sites are a goose egg for would-be hackers.

This is why you must handle your security seriously. Luckily, you can build a solid security wall to protect your website by simply installing these security plugins.

1. Wordfence

Wordfence - WordPress Security

One of the world’s most popular plugins, Wordfence’s strength lies in all the features it offers, most for free.

  • Routine checks for malware infections
  • Scans of all theme, core and plugin files
  • Two-factor authentication option when logging on to your website
  • Blocking of brute force attacks
  • Bot to block bots, scanners, and fake traffic
  • Scans for malicious code in all your site files
  • Email alerts on all of the above

Download Wordfence

2. WP Defender

WP Defender - WordPress Security

A powerful plugin that is also extremely easy to use, WP Defender’s suite of solutions is an excellent addition to your security efforts.

  • Vulnerability reports
  • Block unusual IPs
  • Customized safety recommendations
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Security tweaks
  • Email alerts on all of the above

Download WP Defender

3. Look-See Security Scanner

Look-See Security Scanner - WordPress Security

Look-See Security Scanner is another easy-to-use plugin designed to help you spot unusual activity in your system.

  • Scans of WordPress core, theme and plugin files
  • Scans your Uploads folder for hidden scripts
  • Compares file changes scan-to-scan
  • Email alerts on all of the above

Download Look-See Security Scanner

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