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From the growth of powerful Javascript, longer CSS files, thick HTML code, more images and videos, webpage sizes keep increasing every year.
Five years ago, the average webpage was roughly 700kb. Today, they’re closer to 3,000kb.
As we try to make our sites bigger and badder, the end user ends up dealing with larger and larger page download wait times.
In a world where speed is everything, large website pages are dying out.

40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. – Kissmetrics

Enter the CDN (content delivery network).

How A CDN Works - Content Delivery Network
The image on the left shows a non-CDN setup – all website info comes from one server. On the right, a CDN network – website info comes from a server physically close to the end user.

A CDN lets your website files sit on a connected network housed across different parts of the world. More and more, websites are relying on CDNs to deliver their website’s files to the end user faster.

Don’t know if it’s right for you? Here are 5 reasons to use a CDN:

Faster Performance

Users load your website faster, plain and simple. Instead of scrambling across the globe to pull your files, your visitor pulls your files from a location close to home.

Boost in Traffic

A faster website leads to a happy visitor, which leads to a repeat visitor. More visits means more business for you. The less resistance your visitor has, the more often they’ll visit.

Prevent Website Crashes

Because your website files are spread over different servers in the CDN network, your website won’t be affected if one server goes down. If one goes down, the next closest one simply delivers your website.

Easy Integrations

CDNs today understand the value of the network. They’ve invested time and resources to make sure integrations are easy and simple – so you save time and get up and running faster.

Very affordable

CDN pricing is now more affordable than ever. Some website hosting companies offer to pair your hosting package with their CDN for a small fee. Others, like WP Engine, even include the CDN for free.

Today, it has never been easier to get your website up and running faster than ever. A CDN goes a long way to help boost your speed, traffic, and performance.

Have more questions about CDNs? Feel free to email me anytime at anytime.

Tony Alvarez

Tony Alvarez

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