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Labor Day has come and gone, which means your 4th quarter has begun! Are you on track with your year-to-date goals so far?

Implement these 5 must-have strategies in your marketing efforts to close your year stronger than ever.



1. Social Media

This one is not a quick fix – social media is a long game.

The more consistently you post, the more likely someone will think of you when it comes time to buy or sell.


Because you’re always in their feeds and timelines! Don’t neglect your social media.


2. Email Marketing

Another GREAT and undervalued way to stay in front of your prospects and potential clients.

Use your emails as a conversation starter. Ask questions that would get you a reply.

There’s HUGE value in just getting someone to send a reply, no matter how many words they use.


3. Local SEO

Another long game strategy that pays huge dividends when done consistently.

Building your SEO presence is much more time-consuming than social media alone, but the ROI is huge, whether it’s your own time investment or an investment in an SEO professional.


4. Virtual Tours

Grab a smartphone and shoot! Virtual tours are an amazing way to show off your listing and your office. The more familiar your prospects get with you, the more likely they are to warm up to you in the closing process.

Check out this free app that shoots virtual tours using your iPhone.


5. Online Advertising

Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, LinkedIn Ads… which one do you do?

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Facebook Ads: Facebook provides social-based advertising– a way for you to politely get in front of people doing something they already love to do. It’s a great way to increase awareness in your local community.

Google Adwords: Google specializes in interest-based advertising– prospects that are actively looking for a home to buy or sell will find you. Those that do find you here are somewhat serious in their interest, so this may serve you well.

LinkedIn: Great way to get in front of high net-worth professionals: doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc. Advertise here and incoming prospects will be more qualified buyers.


Want to tackle these strategies but just don’t have the time? Send me an email with your thoughts at – would love to hear your feedback!