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A Quick 2-Minute Read On Optimizing Your Digital Presence

By now, it’s been months since Google announced that mobile-friendly web page visits finally surpassed desktop-friendly page visits, making it the first time in history people are using their mobile phones more than their laptops.

Google has even encouraged web developers everywhere to adopt mobile-friendly pages by introducing the AMP Project, a simple way for developers to create pages that are recognized by Google’s bots as mobile-friendly.

So why is your website still lagging behind the times?

If you’re not sure if your site is ready for mobile devices, here are five things you can do to check and optimize on your site to compete with the rest of the mobile world:

1. Test your site on Google

Test My Site Mobile Google

Google’s free resource lets you test your site to see how mobile-friendly it is. Here you can see what parts of your site need work, and what parts are perfectly optimized for mobile. If you’re not a web developer, you probably want to have your webmaster check these results and make results where necessary.

2. Check if your site is “responsive”

Mobile Responsive Design

If you’ve heard this term used in website lingo but have no idea what it means, it’s simple. “Responsive” sites rearrange themselves automatically based on the size of the visitor’s screen to make the page-viewing experience as awesome as possible.

“Responsive” designs are the new industry standard, and ignoring this hurts you much more than it helps.

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