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Looking to optimize your images? Then look no further than WP Smush. This is one of my favorite plugins to date because of its flexible settings and speed.

Its “smushing” (aka optimizing) capabilities are incredibly powerful.

WP Smush optimizes your images pain-free.

Some of my feature features:

  • Auto-Smush images on import
  • Bulk Smush all your images at once
  • Choose what image sizes you want to auto-smush
  • Set a max image size and auto-resize the sizes of any image that are too large
  • Store copies of pre-smushed and post-smushed images
  • Auto-convert PNG images to JPGs

WP Smush - Post Oak Agency - Plugin of the Day

WP Smush - Post Oak Agency - Plugin of the Day

Without diving too deep into other plugin comparisons (planning to write up a future post on this), WP Smush has out-tested other image optimization plugins to successfully smush all images while retaining high quality.

Take a look at their product page and get a free trial of this plugin to test it yourself.

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Tony Alvarez

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